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In 2001, driven by an inspiration and the desire to create products that provide extreme sensations of relaxation, comfort, and that are aesthetically and visually stimulating, this “Unique Poufs” brand was born.

The first “poufs” brand in Portugal, and one of the first in Europe.

Each "Unique" product represents much more than a piece for your space... it represents a History.

It's been 20 years thinking of solutions that combine the best materials, the creativity and sensitivity of the people involved in this project, which guarantee the design of functional and inspiring pieces, with comfort and durability, that awaken unique experiences.

It has everything to do with Life, with the good of Life! The Family and Friends, the inspiring houses, the gardens and Nature, and the good times… the moments to stop. On the beach or in the countryside, indoors or outdoors, in or out of the water, the importance of satisfaction in comfort becomes essential.



Addressing the theme of quality is nothing more than an invitation to enjoy your moments of happiness with tranquility and satisfaction. We don't just think about materials and finishes, comfort or durability, we also think, and essentially, about your complete satisfaction. We are attentive to your needs, and for this reason we produce materials that are continuously tested and proven resistant when exposed to the most extreme situations, where only the best survive...

We have faith in the future, in nature, in people, in Life, in real spaces, bright and full of joy.

We work with simple and smooth shapes, with fluid and organic lines.

We use superior quality fabrics, appropriate for each situation, and whose components and materials have characteristics that guarantee us a better performance when used, revealing the essence of what we believe to be a good design. Simple, functional, and full of personality pieces, made with quality materials, and to last!!

In 20 years we have managed to increase the care of artisanal production and the detail behind the simplicity of our products, which constantly drive us to innovate and seek happy ideas that prove to be aesthetically pleasing.


All “Unique” products are specifically designed for comfort, being tested and adjusted to ensure maximum relaxation during your downtime...

The focus is on creating contemporary solutions, combined with high quality materials, adapted to any environment, for indoor / outdoor use and extremely durable.

Smart shapes that adapt anatomically to the body, as well as superior fillings...

Flexibility in solutions and B2B experience - personalization, materials, shapes or different models - represent a comfort zone for “Unique”, with comprehensive solutions for all professionals.

These are just a few elements that contribute to the “Unique” products that have proven to be the most comfortable, creative and reliable on the market.

Paredes modeladas


Our products are designed and manufactured, piece by piece, in Porto, Portugal.

Experienced craftsmen with enormous value, guarantee a close eye on quality and finishes. Through skillful and dedicated hands, unique and original pieces are born, ideal for those who enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, believe that the social space is a true temple to relax and bring people together, and that expresses what is unique in this way. and the best in us.

The design must also be meaningful on a general level. For us and for others. As producers, we are therefore committed to acting responsibly and showing the world that we take a stand on how to do what we do. This includes ensuring sustainable production methods, transparent cooperation and working conditions that we can guarantee. For the sake of our own generation and those to come.

The result of the continual pursuit of perfection and meticulous attention to detail, it's an elegant line of authentic and durable ​​indoor and outdoor products that you'll want to enjoy…

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