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GOPLANT was born from our passion for the land, which teaches and presents us with its exuberance and diversity. Always budding life, whether in a small area of ​​our house or in the most remote and inhospitable corners of our planet.

Driven by the desire and need to regain contact with the land and with everything it has to offer, we developed GOPLANT, textile pots with different colors and sizes for planting solutions, capable of transforming small and large spaces into arable areas and real gardens.

The rescue with nature and the vital energy that it provides us, was what awakened us to bring inside and outside the home the comfort and pleasure of being in contact with the plants and distancing ourselves from the busy routine of the city.

A GoPlant


There are many differences in purchasing a GOPLANT vase.

GOPLANT pots promote the balance needed by the plant, as they allow its roots to breathe, permeate the water, draining the excess, preventing the roots from rotting, in addition to not overheating the soil inside the pot.

They are produced one by one, with certified material and anti-UV treatment, very resistant to temperature changes and 100% recyclable and washable.

They are innovative, modern and extremely light vases, which facilitate the cultivation, care for and protect your plant, respecting the balance necessary for it to develop in a way that is very close to that of an open-air planting.

In addition to fulfilling its original function, when it comes to planting, it is a product with a fun, intelligent design, also designed to beautify and give much more style to any space inside or outside the home.

Características GoPlant



Thinking about the future essentially involves changing the way we deal with the planet.

Making it a better place involves making better and more conscientious consumption choices, with less waste and more green areas, which benefit our health and that of future generations.

The control of food quality and the urgent need to reconnect with the land, has increasingly awakened people to cultivate their own vegetable garden or garden... Even for those who do not have large open spaces, where the challenge seems to be bigger, we say it's not impossible!

Home gardens are an excellent choice for growing aromatic herbs and a variety of healthier fruits and vegetables. They are also an excellent therapy for those looking to find the well-being and benefits that only contact with nature is able to provide.

Bringing these two perspectives together is a simple way to improve eating habits, beautify urban spaces and bring nature home in its most organic form.


GOPLANT is a new generation of light and flexible containers for growing plants.

With an intelligent, innovative and ecological design, its features allow for natural preservation and the necessary balance between air, soil and water.

With a diverse range of colors, GOPLANT creates functional vessels, composed of two permeable layers of hydrophilic tissues. A vegetable and a geotextile that protect the roots without atrophying them, which usually happens with a common pot.

When the roots reach the GOPLANT textile “wall”, in contact with the air, their growth slows down and the plant starts to develop new roots, which promotes balance and a more harmonious and healthy growth of the plant.



Love plants but have little space available? Do not worry. With our tips, any space can be filled with green. Learning to cultivate on a GOPLANT is not a complicated task. Just follow our steps…

a) Choose your GOPLANT. Take into account the size of the pot and the plant. Even if it is a seedling, the plant will grow. Pay attention to the size that the plant can reach.

b) Choose the right plant for your space. For a plant to develop in a healthy way, direct and indirect light is needed.

c) Prepare the land. It is from the land that plants take nutrients to grow. It all starts with assembling the vase. The composition of the substrate will depend on the species you are going to plant. Ask for advice at a specialized store.

d) Carry out the planting. When we plant in a GOPLANT, we basically find two different methods, by seed or by seedling.


Make a hole about 3cm, place two or three seeds and cover again with earth.


The seedling is a small plant, ready to be transferred to the pot. As we “skip” the germination stage, the plant develops faster. We must position the plant well, leaving it very close to the edge of the pot. When you're in the right place, complete with the rest of the land. It is important that the plant is very firm

e) Maintenance:

With the plants in the pot, now, just make sure they develop in a healthy way!

In the first few days it is recommended to water more often, until the plant adapts to its new home. As it develops, your GOPLANT will keep the soil moist for longer and always airy for better growth.

f) Pruning:

Pruning is essential so that plants do not overgrow. When this happens, it is necessary to transplant it, and this is a more delicate process.

With these steps, you will have beautiful and healthy plants all year round.

Modelos GoPlant


GOPLANT was designed for indoor and outdoor. The GOPLANT "Original" model is available in 6 sizes and has the following capacities:

  • 5L, 10L, 20L , 40L , 60L and 100L

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