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An open and honest approach, in this reference, to materials that contribute to the creation of products for indoor and outdoor use. Choices made by the strong, genuine identity and the characteristic essence of Unique products.

Balanced and pleasant fabrics, based on the purposes of beauty, comfort, functionality and quality, each with its own characteristics and style, complements to affirm simplicity and good taste, which resist use in all environments with grace and elegance, and that last a lifetime.


CLASSIC fabric excels in joy, versatility and comfort. 100% waterproof (water resistant), washable, and with a choice of 15 firm colors that stand out for their liveliness, make it easy to choose for any environment.

As a durable fabric, CLASSIC is composed of nylon with pvc coating, and is a fantastic option to give a long life to Unique products. Nylon is not only very resistant, but also very easy to clean. A simple damp cloth will remove most dirt stains, for the rest, warm water and soap will complete the job.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Within our line, choosing this material means a certainty in choosing durable pieces for the home, work environment, or any other space where a relaxed and timeless style is desired.

As it has no uv treatment, it is not a fabric recommended for intensive use outdoors, and can and should be used outdoors, but with due precautions. Being careful not to "abandon" the parts to the most adverse weather elements when not in use, will give them extra life and much longer life.

We are a family owned and operated business.

CLASSIC is a modern material, very resistant, and is our best price / quality ratio. It is an excellent choice!

We are a family owned and operated business.

The CLASSIC line is guaranteed for 5 years (indoor / responsible outdoor use).



COMFORT is a line of premium fabrics specifically chosen for demanding customers looking for versatility and high performance.

With a texture and aesthetics only compared to a sofa, it is luxuriously soft and extremely durable in any environment, and stands out in our entire line of interior products.

The timeless elegance of COMFORT and the modernity of its contemporary and neutral colors - from soft blends to more saturated - represent a high-quality option that adapts to any modern space.

Anti-stain and water-repellent material, with high pilling and martindale (abrasion) properties.

COMFORT line is guaranteed for 5 years (Indoor / responsible outdoor use).

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